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“Opening" is a transcendent new collaboration between Saudi-Arabian vocalist, artist and songwriter Rotana and Superposition, the duo made up of Justin Boreta and LA Philharmonic’s Matt Davis.

The record manifests as a poignant collection of prayers, meditations and chants that serves as a heartfelt journey into the sacred, the introspective and the feminine; and offers a refuge from the chaos of the modern world, cultivating a space for deep listening and inner exploration.

Rotana has been named one of BBC’s 100 Most Powerful Women; and collaborated with Vogue Arabia, Fendi and Lucky Brand in their campaign about “a generation of those who dare to be anything but conventional”. She’s had features in LA Weekly, The Huffington Post; has collaborated with JP Saxe, grandson, Chiiild, Babyface and more.

Superposition is a Grammy-nominated duo recognized by Billboard as one of the leaders in the new psychedelic renaissance in music, marrying Ambient music with mindfulness and spirituality. They’ve collaborated with Sigur Rós, Tycho, Niia, East Forest, Laraaji, Ram Dass, Alan Watts and more.

Released 2023