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Multi-instrumentalist and composer Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire and world renowned percussionist and composer Susie Ibarra's record Heart and Breath: Rhythm and Tone Fields (OFFAIR).

The project started as a sound pack for creator platform Splice, Ibarra and Parry collaborated remotely using the rhythm of their heartbeats to create each track.

The compositions that emerged are hypnotic fields of sound that seem to float suspended in time and space, unfolding gently in a manner that is at once intimate and expansive, and which connects the listener to their own most primal, internal body rhythms.

“This doesn’t sound like any record I’ve ever heard. There’s a sensibility to it that was enabled by remote recording, and the fact that we made our breath into music and then into samples and then we built on that to make an album. I think it's a great new step to make a record that can exist as component pieces.” -RRP

Released 2022