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Renowned folk artist Jenny Owen Youngs releases a transportive, ambient album OFFAIR: from the forest floor via OFFAIR Records, intended to be listened to while hiking amongst woodland greenery, or imagining oneself doing so.

The release comes off the back of glowing lead single “sunrise mtn,” tranquil “dusk”, and sun-dappled “ambrosia”, with praise from Stereogum, Cool Hunting, Our Culture, and more.

The 12-track album cycles through a 24-hour period, beginning at 7am. Each piece is designed to reflect aspects of the time it's representing, from sunrise to dusk, moonset to blue hour. The earthy, hypnotic project features collaborators Hrishikesh Hirway (host of Song Exploder), John Mark Nelson (Taylor Swift, Suki Waterhouse, Devon Cole's 'W.I.T.C.H.'), and Tancred.

Of the project, Jenny says*, "My family lived in a house tucked way back into the north Jersey woods until I was thirteen. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in the forest hiking, swimming, catching frogs and fish (then letting them go), and identifying the local flora and fauna using a beat-up field guide… For this project, I wanted to create a record that feels like time spent in the forest: earthy, organic, ambient, hypnotic."*

Released 2023