Moses Sumney

Public Records, Brooklyn, NY

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Public records opened its garden bar for the first time. It was 70° for the first time. And the first Monday after daylight savings.

Moses Sumney awed a packed house at Public Records with a full-on 2-hour set—a musical journey layered in instrumentation, harmonies, audience participation and those moments when you’re overcome by goosebumps.

Moses mesmerized the room for 2 hours with music from the recently released Græ, Part I, and from its upcoming May 15 sequel, as well as his full catalog.

In the yet-to-be-released, “Bless Me,” which became notorious for its special guests in his recent LA residency, Moses invited the crowd to join. Our voices became part of the song, and the band brought the room closer together.

View and download show photos HERE

Moses is an artist who cannot be contained or categorized. There’s no genre, no note he can’t hit and no limit to what he can do. At one point, he gracefully floated onto the Sound Room floor and parted the crowd to bring us to the promised land. [insert pic of him with audience member]

This was a dream OFFAIR, the kind we hope stays in our memories. For everyone who was there, this was very likely our last show before COVID, a perfect etching of live music in our memory that we all carried throughout hibernation. “Until the next one…” this one is the last one we have to look back upon.